Flexible Financing for transparent Small and Medium Enterprises

Financing for Small and Medium Enterprises

Global outreach
Hyper Transparency
Security and Сonfidentiality

Crelia intends to transform the way small and medium enterprises (SME) access capital by aligning the interests of businesses and capital providers via real-time transparency.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Crelia serves small and medium-sized firms willing to step up their transparency and reporting standards to secure superior access to capital.

Eligible SMEs should have

at least $3 million in revenue or
$600,000 in own capital and
Two years of audited accounts

Our vision

New normal

Capital providers from around the world line up to finance your business because your outstanding management track record confers you a preferred borrower status.

Hyper Transparency

Management track record is an objective and verifiable record of your firm’s real-time operating performance, credit repayment history and optional Environmental & Social metrics  if you run a socially-responsible business.

Own your credit history

Your track record and your credit history belongs to you. You can take it to a new bank, a new investor within or outside the platform.

Individual Rates

Your interest rate or equity valuation is based on your business’ individual track record and credit history. Your discipline and solid performance result in lower interest rates at renewal.

Financial Concierge

Your personal financial concierge sends alerts about your upcoming financing needs, offers and compares available options, fills out paperwork.

Instant Access to Financing

Hold an online auction among lenders and/or receive pre-approval for a financing facility based on your track record.

Reach out to investors globally

Benefit from Crelia’s global investor network, make your business visible to qualified investors around the world.

Save on financing costs

Reduce your interest rates by becoming transparent to investors. Transparency enables you to build your credibility, get interest rates based on your own performance instead of based on industry-wide statistics.

Expedite repeat financing

As you accumulate a track record, subsequent loan applications will be approved more quickly. Short-term financing can be pre-approved.

Free up time to focus on performance

Operating data is collected automatically, freeing up your team to focus more on performance and less on reporting and paperwork.

Understand financing costs

Our commitment to transparency allows you to choose optimal financing options. No hidden fees.

Receive feedback

If your loan application was denied, you have the right to know why.

Keep your data safe

Your data is shared only with your authorisation, with an option of anonymity, through secure encrypted channels.

Get assistance

Our customer support will help you with the registration process or fill it out for you.

Reduce information asymmetries

Capital providers and business owners get the same information at the same time.

Expand product range, reduce bad debts

Real-time reporting allows better risk differentiation and enables early warning and recovery management system.

Reduce time and cost of risk assessment

Online real-time reporting of operating data from all SME data sources, including bank accounts, accounting system(s), and smart sensors.

Build bridges with SMEs to drive value

Real-time reporting system provides borrowers with value-added engagement through advice, proactive financing options.

Manage credit risk forward looking

Identify and assess current and prospective KPIs along with other emerging risk issues. Identify hidden risks and translate into existing risk controls (limits, risk appetite by industry, counterparty, region).

Cross-reference information

Our platform provides cross-check of data from multiple endpoints, including bank, accounting systems, and smart sensors.

Get verifiable objective data

Data is recorded daily on the distributed ledger (blockchain), which makes it unalterable.

Compliance with risk management procedures

Crelia products are structured in compliance with your business’ and your jurisdiction’s social, environmental, and risk management standards. AML and KYC practices are in place.

Why Trust Us


Our team of seasoned financiers has extensive experience investing in emerging markets


SMEs are the toughest and most enterprising of all businesses. With uninterrupted access to affordable financing, they can transform the global economy, ensuring global prosperity and stability.

Reliable partners

We work with reliable and well-known partners in order to create the best value proposition for your business.

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